Holiday Apartment for rent in the north of Tenerife !                         Pico del Teide (3715m snm / mNN)                                                                                               2M5WL - 17el M² for 2m and 39JXX70 - 39el I0JXX for 70cm

Dipoles 80m/12m/10m - Dipoles 40m/20m with Teide in background                                         Dipoles 80m/12m/10m - Dipoles 40m/20m @ 6m above the roof                                              Sirio SY-4 4el 10m & 17m Dipol on 10m pneumatic mast     

HyGain 12AVQ (more than 40 years old)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            4el Flexa for 2m and 10el Flexa for 70cm

Big Lift - 10m pneumatic mast                                                                                                          Big Lift - 10m pneumatic mast                                                                                                      2 GB Internet-Link 60 GHz

Sirio SY-4 4el 10m Yagi & 17m Dipole 12m above ground                                                          Sirio SY-4 4el 10m Yagi & 17m Dipole 12m above ground                                                          Serinus canaria - Serin - Canario - Kanarengirlitz

Mosquitero canario - Kanarenzilpzalp - Canary Chiffchaff - Phylloscopus canariensis

My Doberman dogs - checking for DX                                                                                                                         Papayuela - Berg-Papaya - Vasconcellea pubescens

Sunrise with beautiful view to Europe                                                                                                                                                                      Sunset with view to Isla La Palma (120km west of here)

Artesanías de las Islas Canarias
Handicrafts from the Canary Islands
Kunsthandwerk von den Kanarischen Inseln

For more information email:   or call   Tel. +34 667 44 86 72